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This is a new collection to weddingbunchesandblooms.com.au it is a selection of flowers made in a unstructured way that looks like you have wandered through a garden and collected flowers and headed to the ceremony. But realistically there is a lot more to it than that.

This style of bouquet is messy and the flowers are not even some are higher and some are lower. The flowers are clustered in sections and are a mishmash of types and colours. But in real terms the colours and flowers are very specifically chosen to create the end result.

This style of bouquet requires a lot of greenery of varied types to come to the end result.

This collection can be made in many different colour combinations and with many varied types of flowers, there will be at least 4-6 different types of flowers typically Peony, Roses or David Austin Roses are the basis for the bouquet and then other flowers such as Renunculi, Freesias, Hyacinth, Wisteria, Dodda Vine, Spray Roses, Magnolias, Gardenias, Orchids, Tulips and so on.

Basically depending on what colour combinations you are going for will determine the flowers you are likely to choose. I can help you with this.


The flowers you see here are made and ready to be shipped to you right now.

made in Magenta, Peach, Pink, Ivory and Mauve tones with Plum Ribbon

1 x bride $180
3 x Bridesmaids $110 each = $330
1 x Junior/Throw $70
4 x Buttonholes $8 each = $32

Flower Total Normal price $612

Package Deal Price $500 + postage anywhere in the world


note the brides bouquet on this one has some trailing wisteria and ameranthus just to one lower side. this is a nice addition to this style of bouquet not a teardrop as it is not at the base of the flowers but slightly to the lower edge to create a loose floating look.

The pins on the stems of the flowers are facing up so if you keep the pins facing toward you the flowers will be in the right direction always on your special day


This bouquet pictured above in Whites and green tones is available for sale

Normally $180 but selling for just $145 + postage

If you require bridesmaid bouquets please ask as I can quote you for the matching flowers.

Some of the colour combinations I would suggest would be

peach, pink, mauve magenta (soft tones with a dash of colour)

Orange, hot pink, purple, green (deep lush tones)

Whites and greens (soft and pretty)

Creams, mauves and purples (soft with a dash of deeper colour)

Red, orange, yellow, purple (deep lush colours)

All greens in varying shades including succulents

Cream and silver tones (adding dusty miller and succulents to give a soft silvery tone to the flowers)


IMG_1337 IMG_1354 IMG_1355

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