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quality artificial flowers


HI My name is Millie I am the owner of weddingbunchesandblooms.com.au I have been a florist for over 25 years and my passion has always lied in the Wedding and Corporate flower sector of the industry using only quality artificial flowers.

This is a website only business you will also find more information about me on facebook just type in weddingbunchesandblooms and search and you will find an amazing array of pictures of weddings and work I have done in the past.

I also have a youtube channel weddingflowersmillie if you search this channel in youtube you will find many many videos and up close pictures of my work from many angles.

I also advertise some of my items on Gumtree and occasioinally on Etsy or Ebay.

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My best contact is by email


or you can leave a voice message for me to return your call at


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